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CALABURA company who build own products & solutions by our professional programmer. We’re empowering your business glow faster than others. 


Innovation & Security products is the key success for business today, step forward than the others, we’re ready to serve you the best solutions by our products and global partners.  

Innovative Gateway for your business today, enabled interface with thier party system such as PMS & CMS systems. Video ads ready before users login to your networking. Upsales your facilities and promotions.



This specialized solution for SMART hotel TVs provides remote management of interactive TV content to deliver customized viewing options to hundreds of guest rooms, while streamlining installation and maintenance. 

MessageBox task management system

Allows you to manage Guest Requests and Complaints in an extremely easy to learn app to ensure high levels of Guest Satisfaction

TRITON APX provides adaptive security against both external attacks and the Insider threat and delivers visibility and actionable guidance for IT and end users to improve security effectiveness for data accessed from anyone, anywhere, at any time.


With CALACAST, hotel guests are now able to seamlessly replicate their “at-home” experience. The integration works with all Chromecast-compatible apps, allowing guests to stream their favorite shows or movies instantaneously upon entering their room.

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