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With CALACAST, hotel guests are now able to seamlessly replicate their “at-home” experience. The integration works with all Chromecast-compatible apps, allowing guests to stream their favorite shows or movies instantaneously upon entering their room. The complete integration of their own tablets and CALACAST offers a simple way for guests to launch apps and cast to any hotel television, regardless of brand or model.

CALACAST, the casting product is pushed well beyond expectations. CALACAST offers not only easy casting for guests, but also integration with personalized welcome screens, hotel and travel information, managed promotions to upsell property services. This exploration mode gives hotels the opportunity to present an interactive video compendium to show off the property and its services in beautiful HD quality, and more.

The CALACAST management system ensures privacy between guests, rooms and devices. Guests can connect to CALACAST automatically as they join the hotel WiFi or via a QR code shown on the TV welcome screen. In either scenario, CALACAST manage the pairing without putting any burden on a hotel’s IT department.

We pride ourselves in being the leader in Chromecast-based.

We are excited to power CALACAST and further expand our reach in the S.E.A. with the broadest enterprise platform in hospitality.”

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